Tango Future Program

Become part of the world’s fastest growing social dance at Sydney’s dedicated tango school, Sydney Tango House. Are you looking for an exciting social network and a new way to express yourself and explore the world? Tango is most probably for YOU.

Our Tango Future program aims to provide motivated young people with a strong tango education, because we understand how important it is to invest in YOU to further the growth of our amazing world of Tango in Sydney, Australia and beyond. We are looking for motivated individuals, aged between 18 – 24 who are ready to invest time and energy into learning Argentine Tango and joining the tango revolution of Australia. Already massively popular in the majority of cities in the world, Tango is not only a dance but a huge culture and social network of friends across the globe.

Following this introduction, a certain number of participants interested in investing themselves in Tango will be offered a place in our Tango Future Program – which is FREE. They will receive intensive tango training and the opportunity to participate in all tango classes and social dance events at the Tango House.

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