Tango is the perfect dance for your Wedding Day. It is connected, elegant and sensual. We love working with Wedding couples, because Tango brings them something extra special, fun and connecting to work on together leading up to the big day. Our special package of 10 is about learning the basics of Argentine Tango improvisation plus some simple sequences and impressive moves to entertain your friends and family. You can usually tango to your favourite song or we can help choose a tango song for you. We recommend booking in at least 3 months prior to your big day but can work this on a tight schedule if necessary.

If you require a full choreography instead, we can quote you depending on the song and prior tango experience. Please note that for a full choreography we recommend booking at least 6 months prior to your big day.

Justin and Della Tango on their Wedding Day. A beautiful photo by Miki Sakai, also tango student at Sydney Tango House
"My husband and I originally found these amazing people when we were searching for a way to make our wedding dance something particularly special. After learning with them for several months and getting our basics down, Emily-Rose went all the way to choreographing our entire wedding dance! It was spectacular and we were so stoked! It made the evening for us, and we had such a blast in our 1-on-2 lessons with her to practice in the months leading up to our wedding. Emily-Rose did a fantastic job of keeping things simple and clear, but blending more complex steps with the basics to make something truly unique for us. We recommend coming to them for all your Tango needs, and if you're looking to have a wedding dance that's out of this world, or just to add some fire to your floor routines at the local milonga, this is the place to do it!" 
Della Robb